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Every new situation is stressful on the animals. We recommend keeping your new kitten in a room for a day or 2 so they can mentally adjust, learn where their new litter box is, and bond with you. Show your kitten where he/she will be “going potty” and where food and water is located. You may not see the true behavior or personality of your new animal until they’ve had a few days to settle in and get comfortable. If you kitten is wearing an ID collar, please cut it off once home, they grow quickly and do not stretch.

The animals we rescue more than likely come from a shelter. Give them time to settle in before putting them in new situations. Your animal is going to respond and behave more predictably once they know and trust you. Kittens are not fully vaccinated and are NOT fully protected. Don’t take them places or around animals who are unvaccinated. Your house is the safest place for your new under vaccinated animal until their vaccines are completed, they can catch things from other cats outside, so keep them indoors.


All our animals are treated for parasites, but that doesn’t mean they cannot get them again (we also cannot treat what we don’t see).  It can take multiple treatments for puppies/kittens. Lucky Paws treats every 2 weeks.  We recommend taking your cat to a vet exam after adopting to establish care. Your kitten is current on flea medication and wormer, but at that appointment they may discuss with you various prescription medications that can be given monthly for parasites – fleas/worms.  Your other option is to continue over-the-counter medication that is inexpensive, and can be purchased at most stores, but these may require multiple treatments. Lucky Paws uses Safeguard (fenbendazole – aka Panacur) as well as tape worm pills and Pyrantel as our preferred de-wormers, as it kills most parasites as well as giardia.   It is safe, and gentle on their tummies.  Baby animals get worms from their mothers, and it can take many treatments to finally break the cycle.  Please do research and discuss your options with your vet.

Thank you again for choosing to adopt and giving one of our animals a 2nd chance

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