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Your new pet is microchipped (or you have a voucher to get them chipped). Microchipping is not optional, it’s required if you adopted through us. It’s VERY important as it’s your animal’s lifeline to not ending up back in the shelter. This allows us to save them if they for some reason get lost and can’t find their way back home. Registering your chip would normally cost $10.99 but WE cover this in your adoption fee. We will register your chip to you based on the info you provided at time of adoption.


Every new situation is stressful on the animals.  We recommend taking your new dog for a walk prior to going into your home – unless you have a young puppy.  Show your dog where he/she will be “going potty” and make sure that is done before going in.  Taking a calm dog in makes the transition easier and helps establish rules for the dog.  You may not see the true behavior or personality of your new animal until they’ve had a few days to settle in and get comfortable. Puppies will need a lot more help in potty training. There are a lot of methods online if you need help in that area, research and choose a method that best works for your puppy and lifestyle. Do not feel sorry for your new rescue animal, despite the fact that many have had bad starts to life. Think of you bringing them home as a new start to the rest of their life. Animals pick up on how we are feeling, be happy about the new transition and your pet will embrace this new journey. The animals we rescue more than likely come from a shelter. Give them time to settle in before putting them in new situations. Your animal is going to respond and behave more predictably once they know and trust you. Young puppies/kittens (not fully vaccinated) are NOT fully protected. Don’t take them places or around animals who are unvaccinated. Your house/yard is the safest place for your new under vaccinated animal until their vaccines are completed.  PARVO is deadly to puppies and even older dogs, and unfortunately is all over Oregon. Many cases are reported each year in Lane County so please carry your pet when not at home until they have all their vaccines.


All our animals are treated for parasites, but that doesn’t mean they cannot get them again (we also cannot treat what we don’t see).  It can take multiple treatments for puppies. We treat every 10-14 days, or as needed.  When you go to your free vet appointment, they will advise a fecal sample be taken, and they have prescription medication that can be given monthly for parasite prevention.  Your other option is to continue over-the-counter medication that is inexpensive, and can be purchased at most stores, but these may require multiple treatments. Lucky Paws uses Safeguard (fenbendazole – aka Panacur) as well as tape worm pills and Pyrantel as our preferred de-wormers as it kills most parasites as well as giardia.   It is safe, and gentle on their tummies.  Baby animals get worms from their mothers and from eating things they shouldn’t while outside, and it can take many treatments to finally break the cycle.  Please do research and discuss your options with your vet.


It is more than likely that your new pet came from a shelter, and has been exposed to, or has had KC. We treat when necessary, with antibiotics.  Kennel cough is a virus, and light cases do not typically require antibiotics (it’s a doggy cold and they will get over it once the virus runs its course (Think of it like when we get the flu, there is no magic pill to make it go away, but with supportive care, we get through it).  If you hear your dog wheezing/coughing and/or there is discharge from eyes/nose within the first week of adopting, please CALL LUCKY PAWS.  We have medication for this and can have our vet dispense them for your new pet if needed.  It is common for the change to a new home to stress your new pet enough that kennel cough symptoms can come back, or begin. Changing homes can cause something to come out that they would otherwise have been strong enough to fight off.


It is your responsibility to use your free exams after adopting to ensure you adopted a healthy pet and that we did not miss anything. The one for Cascade Animal Clinic will expire within the first 10 days of adopting. If there are concerns after you see the vet, please call us. We work closely with Cascade Animal Clinic. Your other free vet exam is for Banfield, which is the vet located inside of PetSmart. It’s free, they are open 7 days a week, and they take walk ins if they are not too busy. The Banfield vet voucher’s do not expire until the end of the calendar year.


Lucky paws is here to help, but please keep in mind the entire organization is 100% volunteer run.  Our store can answer some questions but they are not always involved with adoptions or know which pets are available.
We are also experiencing a very high volume of emails and calls right now as well, so if you adopted, you’ve been given contact information.
The beat way to reach us is through Facebook/luckypawssites messenger.   It is checked multiple times per day.
To view our adoptable pets please go to and search zip code 97408 for a list of animals for adoption in the area as well as those available through Lucky Paws.
We also have a volunteer operated phone, listed above, if they can’t help you they will put you in touch with someone who can, it is okay to text as well. Lastly, you can also reach out to us through social media. Please do not email us and say “please call me asap.” Again, we are volunteer run and each of us has a different role. It is a waste of our time, and yours if you do not let us know what the issue is in email. We will be able to direct the most knowledgeable person for your particular situation that way.

Thank you again for choosing to adopt and giving one of our animals a 2nd chance

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