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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lucky Paws Rescue?
Lucky Paws Rescue is a 501c3 non profit rescue, tax ID #: id 45-1030568. Lucky Paws is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization. Animal lovers help us daily to care for the animals, foster and attend adoption events. Our volunteers come from all walks of life ​ sharing one common passion - we love dogs, all kinds of dogs. We were formed because we saw many young, happy, healthy puppies and young dogs being euthanized in shelters because there was no foster space or other rescue groups with room to take them until their forever home could be found. Our focus is finding those family dogs who just need a little more time and exposure, and helping them find their way home.

We are based in Springfield/Eugene, OR but our animals are kept in foster homes. We take our dogs into our homes and care for them as if they were our own until they go to their forever homes. This serves several purposes: Many of our dogs have been in shelters and time spent in a loving home will help them begin to feel safe, comfortable and allow their true personalities to emerge. Also, the time we spend with them helps us to learn more about them, which allows us to be able to provide applicants with an accurate assessment and the dogs individual strengths and needs, ensuring we find the best fit possible.

Why do you charge an adoption fee, and what is it?
Adoption fees range from $100 - $400, depending on age, medical costs, breed, training and more. The adoption fee is not a purchase or sale price and is not refundable. There are multiple costs involved in running a rescue. Many of our dogs come from shelters which charge us a fee for each dog surrendered to us to cover the costs they incurred while the dog was in their care and/or for transporting the dog to us. In many cases, this fee exceeds 50% of our adoption fee.

Then there are the additional costs incurred after the dog reaches Lucky Paws, such as additional veterinary care, training, transportation and housing fees. In some cases, these costs will exceed the adoption fee received for a particular dog. We do not raise the adoption fee in these cases. Senior and small dogs require more vet care than others, yet their fees are the lowest.

Additionally, there are the costs of supplies, rent, utilities, laundry, day-to-day expenses, transportation, maintaining the website, storage, internet, telephone costs and insurance. All of these costs are paid by the collection of adoption fees with shortfall met through donations, grants and gifts from our volunteers.

The adoption fee includes the following:

  • 1. Spayed/Neutered
  • 2. Flea treated
  • 3. Dewormed
  • 4. Up to date on vaccines for their age
  • 5. Microchipped
  • 6. A collar or harness
  • 7. 2 free vet exams (a $50 value each)
  • 8. A free small bag of grain free dog food
  • 9. Private training session with a certified trainer
  • and more!

Lucky Paws dogs are adopted out "fully vetted". What does that mean?
All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated for all required vaccines for its age, treated for any medical issues, de-wormed multiple times, treated for fleas/ticks, microchipped and when necessary, given a dental so you won't have to.

If known medical conditions exist, Lucky Paws does all we can to take care of them, when possible. We have had amputations, seriously ill dogs, dogs needing dentals, hernia repair, broken bones, kidney stone removal, serious injuries, cataract surgery, deadly illnesses, tumor removal and more.

We are truly a non-profit organization, with medical costs outweighing all other.

We will provide you with copies of the medical records for your new dog. You will be expected to continue providing them with appropriate medical care.

How do I adopt a dog?
If interested in meeting one of our dogs, please download out adoption application e-mail: rescue@luckypawssite.org to request an application or download one from our adopt page. You can also come down and meet them in person at our weekly events, held at Petsmart on Chad drive (2847 Chad Drive) in Eugene. We highly recommended that you put in an application ahead of time via e-mail as depending on the animal, things can move pretty quickly. If we can communicate with you prior to the event and approve your application, we will, whenever possible, take down a dog/puppy as being available so your family can meet it before others to avoid having to compete for a dog/puppy.

All resident dogs and family members need to be present for a meet and greet. We want to ensure that all animals will get along as to make the transition for everyone be as smooth as possible.

Please note that we get multiple emails per dog per day. Completing an application in no way guarantee's you will be adopting the dog. We want to make sure it's the right fit for everyone and every animal involved.

Do you ever take dogs back?
Yes, we will always take a Lucky Paws dog back into the program. In fact, our adoption contract states that you are obligated to return the dog to us if you decide, for any reason, that you cannot keep the dog. We would prefer to help you re-home your dog first, though, as taking a dog back on short notice is very costly and stressful for our volunteers and the dog. Any open space we have is filled quickly by another dog in grave danger, from a shelter.

Give us some notice so we can work together, to do what's best for all. We have never had to enforce the provision which is also in our contracts which allows Lucky Paws to reclaim a dog if the owner fails to comply with the terms of the contract, however if Lucky Paws has reason to believe that one of its dogs was not being properly cared for, this provision would be invoked.

Do you place dogs with renters?
Yes, provided you have landlord approval to have a dog live in the rental property. We will contact your landlord to confirm his or her approval prior to finalizing the application process. To speed up the adoption process, it's best to bring all approvals, proof of paid deposits and pet policy papers when you come to meet the dog.

There are certain breeds that we do not let go to rentals, except under certain circumstances. Home security for the dog is our prime goal and it is our responsibility to make sure they go to a home where they are secure. Some breeds are very difficult to have in rentals. We will also not place certain breeds in apartments that would not benefit from that living environment. Specifically working breeds.

Will you place a dog with an inexperienced dog owner?
Yes, however we will discuss with you the huge responsibility of owning a dog and how you can educate yourself in order to give your dog the care and direction that he/she needs. We may require a first time owner to take part in obedience classes to assure that the owner obtains that first level of instruction.

You will see questions on our application form about your level of dog experience and we ask that you answer those questions honestly so we can better provide the support you will need as a first time dog owner.

Will you accept a dog into your program who is surrendered to you directly by the owner?
We will accept owner surrenders under the following conditions:

  • 1. We have a foster space available to accept the dog.
  • 2. The dog has been spayed/neutered and is up to date on all vaccinations.
  • 3. The dog passes our temperament evaluation
  • 4. The dog is a type of dog which we normally accept into our program.
  • 5. There are no other re-homing possibilities for the dog - but this excludes any aggressive behaviors.

We also request the owner pays a $100.00 surrender fee to help offset any additional costs with bringing a new dog into the group, although some exceptions may be given, depending on the dog and situation.​

Contrary to what most believe, it costs us to bring in a dog - there is not an instant profit for re-homing your dog, and even with papers, we still need to make sure the dog is healthy and ready for adoption. This takes time and takes the space that could have gone to a dog scheduled for euthanasia in a shelter. We would always prefer to help you re-home your dog first, and this doesn't cost anything but your time.

Send us good photos and bios, and a flier and we'll do a courtesy posting.​ Do a search for a pet adoption flyer - you'll find 100's of templates - just need a nice picture and bio, along with your contact info.

Some helpful sites we've used in the past for re-homing animals are:
Craigslist.com (make sure you screen potential homes)
Facebook - join Northwest Pet Classifieds - or look for similar groups for rehoming animals.
Rescueme.org - you can post an ad yourself.

Contact Us

Phone: 541 - 214 - 5313
Fax: 541 - 654 - 8176

Email: rescue@luckypawssite.org

Mission Statement

Lucky Paws helps to educate the public about the importance of spaying and neutering pets. Through education, community involvement and legislation, we hope to one day end pet homelessness.

Adoption Event Location

2847 Chad Dr,
OR, 97408

Phone: 541 - 683 - 3353