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Lucky Paws Rescue is run by volunteers. None of our board members or volunteers receive a paycheck, so you know your donations go directly to the support and care of the animals. To donate, click the donate image above and enter an amount you wish to donate.

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Just to give you an idea about how expensive it can be to care for animals coming from shelters - here's a list or some of our constant expenses:

We've broken down some of the main expenses, but medical is by far the biggest expense for Lucky Paws. Medical expenses encompass 85% or more of our expenses. Your adoption fees cover around 75% of the cost of caring for the animals. The remainder comes from fundraisers and the generous support of our community.

FOSTER HOMES - These are volunteers who give their home and time to help animals, but the cost of care falls on Lucky Paws.

  • Food
  • Medical
  • Toys
  • Bedding
  • Laundry (for puppies)
  • Supplies - shampoo, puppy pads, paper towels, medicine, flea/worm treatment, etc.
  • Cleaners (depending on how many pets are in their care)​

  • THE ANIMALS - We've shown some of the fixed expenses for Lucky Paws, but the animals and their care consume the "lion share" of the money coming in to Lucky Paws. Below are a few of our previous scenario's.

  • Puppies - the cost of caring for our 12 bottle baby pups exceeded $3,000 in the 2 months we had them. How you ask? Fuel, bottles, puppy pads, blankets, heating pads, puppy formula, weaning formula, cereal, puppy food, dewormers, flea treatment, vaccines, antibiotics (they were sick when we got them), vet visits, more food and more food.
  • Mama Shepherd & 9 Pups - Mama shepherd is so thin, we are feeding her a higher quality food. The cost of her food is $45 per bag and she eats 2 bags per week, along with her pups. Food alone will be $100 per week, including canned food for the pups. We will have her for a minimum of 5 weeks, until her pups are 8 weeks old. That doesn't include deworming, toys, blankets, puppy pads, laundry detergent, flea treatment, vet visits and antibiotics for kennel cough.
  • Sick OR Injured Animals - Lucky Paws takes in animals that have been left in shelters to be euthanized. Small dogs typically need teeth cleaned and have other medical issues their prior owners couldn't afford. We have taken in dogs needing legs amputated, broken legs needing surgery, tumors removed, dental cleanings, dew claws removed, kidney stones removed and more. Others have come to us so ill they've required extensive care to keep them alive - usually from parasites and simple illnesses that could have been prevented with proper care earlier on. Parvo and distemper are deadly, and without knowing, we've gotten puppies and kittens that have become ill and nearly died of these diseases. A pup sick with parvo can cost over $1000 for care in just a few days. We can't just let them die - there is a chance they can survive and typically they are exposed to parvo in the shelters.
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    Mission Statement

    Lucky Paws helps to educate the public about the importance of spaying and neutering pets. Through education, community involvement and legislation, we hope to one day end pet homelessness.

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